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The Grinding Doc visits Rotary Power

Posted: 10th July 2019

Jeffrey Badger PhD, also known as ‘The Grinding Doc’, recently visited Rotary Power as part of a five-day training course.

Jeffrey developed his expertise by working in a number of manufacturing businesses around the world. He now works as an independent consultant sharing his knowledge of optimising grinding effectiveness.

The course involved Jeffrey observing our site’s current grinding operations, followed by three days of classroom-based training. This was attended by operators, production engineers and improvement engineers. The modules included the grinding disciplines practised at Rotary Power, in addition to cooling; chatter and burn, as well as the truing and dressing of wheels.

Colin Boyd, Production Improvement Engineer, said: “Using the knowledge we gained during the course, our operators and the production team have already been able to optimise our cycle times. We continue to invest in our training and development in order to improve our processes and maximise efficiencies.”

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