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Rotary Power develops high torque hydraulic motor for a subsea application

Posted: 16th February 2023

Rotary Power has collaborated with a subsea trenching equipment pioneer in Scotland to develop a subsea hydraulic motor.

The SMA heavy duty radial piston eccentric design is capable of delivering high speed and power whilst operating in harsh subsea environments.

The 800cc SMA motor has been configured to deliver intermittent speeds of 620rpm and a power rating in excess of 172kW, pushing the envelope for 800cc hydraulic motors in the market.

The high torque hydraulic motor was modified to incorporate a subsea shaft seal arrangement and a speedi sleeve to extend the life of the motor whilst, preventing the entry of foreign objects.

The customer’s Director for Technology, said: “The enhanced capabilities of our latest subsea tools meant it was crucial to have a powerful motor to perform under the unique environment and functions of this application. We have worked with Rotary Power for several years because of its expertise within the industry and we are always satisfied with the product and communication from the company’s design engineers, with this project being no exception.”

Delivered within a timeframe of six months, the high torque hydraulic motor underwent several tests during its development in order to predict its performance to various environmental changes. This included, monitoring the endurance of the subsea seal arrangement, as well as testing the motor in the field. The company’s experience with Rotary Power gave them confidence to accelerate onshore testing and quickly deploy the prototype for field testing.

Andrew Myers, Product Development Manager at Rotary Power, summarised: “Designing a product to work in this arduous application has been a challenge, but one we were confident we were able to deliver successfully.

Our design team have a great deal of experience in developing solutions for even the most unique project. This design has allowed us to showcase our skills and reinforce Rotary Power’s commitment to delivering quality throughout all of our products and services to our customers.”

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