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Rotary Power redesigns rotating shaft motor for frac truck application

Posted: 22nd September 2021

Rotary Power has customised its SMA rotating shaft motor for use within a frac truck application.

The bespoke hydraulic motor, which can achieve speeds of 900 – 1,000 rpm, has been customised to power the truck’s cooling fan used to lower the temperature of the fracking fluid as it is pushed through the vehicle’s radiator.

Rotating shaft motor for frac truck

Drawing on over 50 years’ experience in the hydraulic motor industry, Rotary Power worked with the equipment manufacturer to provide a customised motor to supply the same power as a standard SMA motor, whilst reducing its overall footprint.

The new design offers both high speed and high power capabilities, combined with a robust bearing arrangement in order to provide reliable power in harsh, remote environments.

The compact and efficient design includes a hardened high tensile steel crankshaft supported on taper roller bearings. Able to satisfy heavy duty applications, the rotating shaft motor has a hydrostatically balanced rotating assembly.

Watch the video below to see the motor in action:

Matthew Hall, Design Engineer at Rotary Power, said: “This smaller SMA motor is a real triumph for Rotary Power and showcases the business’ design and manufacturing capabilities.

“As with Rotary Power’s standard SMA motor, the smaller motor design can withstand both high mechanical and hydraulic shock loads meaning it has an excellent lifespan. The motor’s speed and power ratings are significantly higher than standard high torque, low-speed motors.”

Although primarily used on frac trucks, the smaller SMA motor can be used in a number of other applications including runway sweepers, winches and stump grinders.

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